Dec 31, 2011

You'll Never Walk Alone

pg td, kol 3.45 wt pertama kalinya aku tgk live game liverpool main... klo x selama ni aku tau result j.. ye le, umh aku mne ada astro... klo dpt tgk EPL pn kt umh sdare ke hape... line tenet sblom ni pn agk lembab.. so mlm td aku live streaming Liverpool FC vs Newcastle..

serius aku ckp, game LFC mlm td sgt power... ngn kembalinya captain fantastic : Steven Gerrard... awesome..  mlm td bg aku MOTM : Craig Bellamy, Steven Gerrard, Skrtel.. bellamy shot 2 gol mlm td pd minit Bellamy 29' 67'.. Gerrard lak gol pd minit Steven Gerrard 78'.. Skrtel lak telah menyelamatkn bola yg klo ikotkn mmg dh xley nk selamatln, mmg smart r Skrtel..

so meh skg tgk gmba2 game mlm td.. :)

Flying high: Craig Bellamy celebrates after scoring Liverpool's first goal

King of the Kop: Steven Gerrard celebrates after rounding off Liverpool's win with the third goal

Captain fantastic: Gerrard slots home his team's third goal

give me 5!

gerrard subtitude adam

Gerrard himself then rounds off the victory with a run to the byline, which he finishes by slipping the ball between Krul's legs from an acute position

Liverpool respond swiftly when Craig Bellamy lashes home after Charlie Adam's low cross is only half cleared

Bellamy bags his second of the night with what was either an intelligent or totally mis-placed free-kick. His effort is aimed driectly for the centre of the goal where the Newcastle keeper Tim Krul is waiting, but the movement of Andy Carroll, plus an unnecessary intervention from Danny Simpson, prevents him making an effective save. Did Bellamy anticipate such havoc? He may well have done



ok.. td tv3 ada siar movie Wanted .. awesome beb.. mmg ler jln cte agk x msuk akal.. yele, boleh ker peluru tu melencong smpi gitu? bbhahaha.. pepon movie ni bez!
aku tgk td pn agk lmbt, so nnt aku nk download!! x)

meh layan sinopsis movie ni.. aku cilok dari wiki j..
Wanted is a 2008 American action film, very loosely based on the comic book miniseries of the same name by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones. The film is written by Chris Morgan, Michael Brandt, and Derek Haas, directed by Timur Bekmambetov, and stars James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, Thomas Kretschmann, Common, Terence Stamp, and Konstantin Khabensky. The storyline follows Wesley Gibson (McAvoy), a frustrated accountant who discovers that he is the son of a professional assassin and decides to join The Fraternity, the secret guild in which his father worked.
Production began in April 2007, with filming in the Czech Republic to later superimpose the sets on images of Chicago. Wanted was released on June 25, 2008 in the United Kingdom and two days later in the United States, to both critical and commercial success. It was nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing.
Morgan Freeman as Sloan, leader of the Fraternity, and assassin partner of Wesley Gibson's deceased "father".

In Chicago, Wesley Gibson works at a dead-end desk job with an overbearing boss, takes anti-anxiety medication for panic attacks, and has a live-in girlfriend who cheats on him with his best friend Barry. One night in the pharmacy, Wesley is told by a mysterious woman named Fox that his father was a recently murdered assassin, and the killer, Cross, is after him. Cross and Fox engage in a shoot-out followed by a car chase in the streets of Chicago. Wesley manages to escape and Fox then has a shoot out again with Cross, causing a car accident that knocks Wesley unconscious. Fox brings Gibson to the headquarters of The Fraternity, a thousand-year-old secret society of assassins. The group's leader, Sloan, explains that Wesley's panic attacks are actually the untrained expression of a rare superhuman ability; when stressed, the drastically increased heart rate and adrenaline levels result in bursts of superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes – demonstrated when he successfully shoots the wings off of a fly. The Fraternity can teach him to control this ability, so Wesley can follow in his father's footsteps as an assassin, beginning by inheriting his fortune. Wesley is initially reluctant and returns to work, only to finally snap when discovering several million dollars in his bank account. He excoriates his boss in front of the entire office, and on his way out, smashes Barry in the face with a computer keyboard. Fox is waiting outside to take him back to the Fraternity headquarters—an unassuming textile mill.

Angelina Jolie as Fox, an accomplished member of the Fraternity who mentors Gibson.

Wesley is then subjected to brutal training; among other forms of combat, he learns to fire bullets to curve around objects. Afterward, Wesley is shown the Loom of Fate, a loom that gives the names of the targets through binary code hidden in weaving errors of the fabric. Those the Loom identifies will apparently cause tragedy in the future; but only Sloan sees and interprets the names fate wishes to see dead. Wesley is initially reluctant about killing people. Then Fox reveals that in her childhood, a hired killer burned her father alive in front of her—and said hitman was supposed to be killed by the Fraternity before that, but the assassin failed to pull the trigger. She now considers preventing such tragedy her mission.
After several routine missions and a chance meeting with Cross, in which Wesley is shot in the arm with a deliberately traceable bullet, Sloan grants Wesley's wish to avenge his father and sends him after Cross—but then secretly gives Fox a mission to kill Wesley, saying that his name had come up in the Loom as well. Analyzing the bullet that hit Wesley, it is discovered that the manufacturer was Pekwarsky, a bullet-maker living in eastern Moravia. Wesley and Fox travel there and capture Pekwarsky, who arranges a meeting with Cross. Wesley faces Cross alone on a moving train. Fox steals a car and crashes it into the train, eventually causing a derailment. After Cross saves Wesley’s life by preventing him from falling into a ravine, Wesley fatally shoots him. Before dying, Cross reveals that he is Wesley's real father. Fox confirms this, and explains that Wesley was recruited because he was the only person that Cross would not kill. Fox then reveals the kill order on Wesley and raises her gun, but Wesley escapes by shooting out the glass underneath him and plunging into the river below.

Angelina Jolie as Fox, an accomplished member of the Fraternity who mentors Gibson.

Wesley is retrieved by Pekwarsky, who takes him to his father's apartment, located across the street from Wesley's old home. Pekwarsky explains that Sloan started manufacturing targets for profit after discovering that he was targeted by the Loom of Fate, and did not tell the Fraternity members that they were now nothing more than paid killers. Cross discovered the truth and went rogue, and started killing Fraternity members to keep them away from his son. Pekwarsky departs, stating that Wesley's father wished him a life free of violence. Wesley, however, decides to take out Sloan after discovering a secret room containing all of his father's weapons and maps.
An enraged Wesley assaults the Fraternity's textile mill-fortress and battles his way through it, killing nearly every Fraternity member in the process. Upon entering Sloan's office, he reveals Sloan's deception to the master assassins present in the room. Sloan reveals that all of their names had come up in the weaving, and that he had merely acted to protect them. Were they to follow the code, every one of them should kill themselves on the spot. Fox, who believes in the code more than anyone due to her own experience, turns on her fellow assassins, and curves a bullet that kills every Fraternity member in the room, including herself, but not before she throws her gun to Wesley and saves him. Sloan manages to escape, and Wesley destroys the Loom of Fate.

James McAvoy as Wesley Allan Gibson, a meek 24-year-old who works in a cubicle, but learns he is heir to a legacy of assassins.

Wesley, penniless once again, is left aimless. A man is then seen at a computer, much like Wesley at the beginning of the film. Sloan appears and points a gun at the back of the man's head. At that moment, the man turns around and is revealed to be a decoy. Sloan is then killed by Wesley using a long-distance bullet. Similar to the comic book miniseries,[3] the film ends with Wesley stating his accomplishments, then turning to the camera, breaking the fourth wall and asking the audience "What the fuck have you done lately?", then the credits roll.

Morgan Freeman as Sloan, leader of the Fraternity, and assassin partner of Wesley Gibson's deceased "father".
James McAvoy as Wesley Allan Gibson, a meek 24-year-old who works in a cubicle, but learns he is heir to a legacy of assassins.
James McAvoy as Wesley Allan Gibson, a meek 24-year-old who works in a cubicle, but learns he is heir to a legacy of assassins.
Angelina Jolie as Fox, an accomplished member of the Fraternity who mentors Gibson.
Angelina Jolie as Fox, an accomplished member of the Fraternity who mentors Gibson.

serius wey superb cte ni.. tp agk pening.. bhahaha...
aku mau dwnload n tgk lg skali!! ho yeah!! :)

Dec 29, 2011

Bosan Punya Pasal

kucing aku, si kecik

si kecik ngendap kucing mana ntah

amek ko.. kecik kjar..


mengkarung mana ntah..

Dec 27, 2011

Colombia Lancar Eskalator Gergasi


BOGOTA (Colombia): Pihak berkuasa ibu kota kedua terbesar Colombia merasmikan eskalator gergasi yang ditempatkan di luar bagi kegunaan penduduk kawasan kejiranan antara wilayah termiskin negara itu, Medellin.

Sebelum ini, katanya, lebih 12,000 penduduk kejiranan Comuna 13 terpaksa mendaki ratusan tangga besar yang mana menyamai bangunan 28 tingkat. - AP

eskalator gergasi

serius aku ckp!! patutnya kt palam pn ptot ada eskalator cmni wey...  klo x cye meh tgk tngga kt palam cmne... nek tngga ni tiap2 ari mmg perggghhh r... smpi ats mmg sah2 akn tercungap2 pnyer.. adoii...

tangga batu caves kt uitm puncak alam..

haaa... tgk kt ats tu haa gmba tngga kt palam... tnggi kn? kolej ktorg ni btol2 ats puncak seyh.. hnya ada 2 option j nek ats tu.. sama ada nek tangga yg tnggi gler tu ataupun nek bas rapid... tp nk nek bas rapid kne byr seringgit.. bygkn, cm x berbaloi j byr eringgit semata2 nk nek ke kolej... sehala lak tu.. mhal seyh....
tp option pertama tu, nak x nk nek tngga j ler.. aiseh man.. ada j option ke-3, stay tros kat bwh.. bhahaha.. just joke..

kesimpulannya, aku arap kt palam akn ada eskalator cm kt columbia tu wey... bygkn, negara yg miskin seperti columbia pn kerajaannya mampu wt eskalator utk kemudahan rakyatnya.. apatah lg kt malaysia ni yg sah2 antara negara yg boleh dikatakn maju..

Dec 25, 2011


cuti2 ni aku bosan tol... so aku wt keputusan utk dwnload movie.. movie ni actually aku pnh tgk mse aku f3 ke f4 dlu... but then mse kt palam ritu aku teringat sal movie ni...
the cost of medical school could be your life!

tajuk movie ni ada r UNREST...
movie ni berkisar sal sekumpulan med stu : Alison Blanchard, Brian Cross, Carlos Aclar dan Rick O'Connor.. dorg menerima mayat (cadaver) seorg wanita utk dissection dlm kelas anatomi dorg... Alison seorg ateis merasakn cadaver dorg plek.. cm cadaver dorg tu idop alison ni n kwn a.k.a boifren (brian) utk selidik ltar belang cadaver dorg ni..
then dorg dpt tau yg cadaver dorg ni seorg arkeologi (alita covas).. alita covas ni tlh menjumpai tmpt pengebumian kaum aztec (klo x salah aku) n scara x langsung telah kco roh2 yg x aman... lps tu alita covas menjdi gler.. korg bc ler kt bwh ni.. aku pn x rti nk terangkn.. tp cte ni bez!! hehehe...

aku amek dri wikipedia..

The film revolves around a cadaver who seems to bring misfortune on those who come in contact with it.
Although there is very little corporeal manifestation of the ghosts, people seem to die when they enrage the spirit which is linked with a special cadaver - by disrespecting it or otherwise. The story takes place mostly inside a hospital, where a young female med student, Alison Blanchard, comes to learn anatomy. By observing the cadaver she was assigned, she discovers that the body had self inflicted wounds and also had a child. She soon discovers that there is something wrong with the cadaver, which they have nicknamed "Norma." Mysterious deaths occur in the hospital, which include the fiance of one of Allison's team members and several hospital employees.

It is revealed that the cadaver is a person named Alita Covas, who once led an archaeological expedition on an Aztec sacrificial site. There she uncovered 50,000 bodies which were offered to Tlazolteotl, the Aztec god of fertility and prostitution. Afterwards, she herself became a prostitute, and started showing symptoms of mental imbalance. Later in her life, she committed murders and was subsequently put in a mental asylum where she died - presumably by her own hand.
Once Alison learns of the true nature of the cadaver, she decides the corpse must return to Brazil to satisfy the Aztec god. After a series of gruesome events, Alison and her classmate/love interest take Alita's now dismembered corpse and cremate her in the hospital. In the end, Alison heads to Brazil to spread the ashes in an attempt to put the spirit at rest; however, it is suggested in the final scene that the spirit remains in the hospital.

klo korg nk dwnload g link ni..

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

tgk r wey.. bezz!!

Dec 19, 2011

Jom Join Blogwalking 2012 by JiwarOsak

kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk juin
segmen blogwalking 2012 sila..
1. buat entry bertajuk "Jom Join Blogwalking 2012 by JiwarOsak"
2. letakkan gambar blogwalking diatas dalam entry
3. backlink entry ini ke dalam entry anda
4. nyatakan anda blogger dari mana
5. tag 5 orang rakan-rakan blogger untuk memeriahkan
lagi blogwalking ini..
ok.. nama aku hanis jauhari a.k.a hanis joe... dak2 laki kelas aku bse pnggil aku joe j.. dak pompuan pnggil hanis.. aku x ksh pn.. dh terbiasa...

ok, aku asal dari ulu kinta, perak... ulu kinta ni dkt2 ngn tambun.. korang msti pnh dgo Lost World Of Tambun kn? tmpt 2 x smpi 5km j dari umh aku.. then pe yg femes lg kt sini ada r Limau Bali Tambun (bak kata ustazah aku).. ustzh aku ckp limau bali tambun ni femes sampai org kt sabah pn tau (dye dok sabah sblom ni)...

aku mau tag alya

Segmen | Jom Jadi KAWAN!

  • Buat Entri Bertajuk : Segmen CP | Jom Jadi Kawan!
  • Copy banner di atas dan link ke entri ini.. 
  • nak tag kawan boleh, taknak tag takpa.. tiada masalah..
  • follow blog cp kalau sudi.. =)
  • hantar url entri anda ke entri  ini sahaja.. full url oke..contoh kalau yg mcm nih jer korang hantar cp tak terima.. '' .. kena hantar url entri, bukan url blog.. harap paham.. =)

Saya Nak Join Bloglist 2 Ilasuhaila

syarat2 adalah seperti berikut:

  1. tempek gambar kat ats ni dlm entri korang
  2. tajuk : "saya nak join bloglist 2 ilasuhaila
  3. linkkan ke blog ilasuhaila
  4. dh siap? tinggalkn url entri korang dlm ruangan komen SINI
  5. tarikh tutup 23 disember 2011..

Dec 18, 2011


blogger pakjoe wt segmen utk berkenalan, berinteraksi ngn rakan blogger...
disebabkn syaratnya sgt mudah, aku pn join.. yele, dh lme x join pape segmen.. dh ler ritu terlepas segmen oleh blogger Ben..

so spe yg nk join ini syaratnya :
  1. buat 1 entri & letakkan banner BLOG dan linkkan ke blog pakjoe ni..
  2. buat 1 entri bertajuk "SEGMEN JOM TUKAR DAN KENAL RAKAN BLOGGER"
  3. then tinggalkn url entri korg kt ruangan komen kt sini
  4. follow blog pakjoe klo suka.. like fanpage pn boleh...

One Of My Best Day Ever!!!

Si Sembilang
semalam tanggal 17 disember ada r hari yg sgt bez aku rse.. even semalam ada kelas ganti, tp x rse cam kelas pn... pagi 2, aku ngn dak2 kelas Si Sembilang ada experiment bio - bedah tikus... perghh..

nk dipendekkan cter, org yg plg dsyt dissect tikus ada r mat rid n yana.. pergh, dorg ni mmg dissect dsyt r.. mat rid smpi otak, yana lak explore semua kcuali pale.. bhaha.. meh tgk sat sikit gmba.. semasa dissect tikus..

tu ler mat rid.. abes sume dye explore

yang tgh 2 tkot nk bedah tkus..
ara - 1st dissect tkus but then lukis slide j
lps abes dak kelas aku dissect tikus ktorg ada kuiz bio lak kt tmpt yg sama.. sbub tutor ktorg ada r org yg sama menjdi lab instructor... bak kata miss nhawal "sehari bersama miss nhawal".. hehehe.. kuiz pn ok ler, isi tmpt kosong j.. :)

after kuiz tetbe abg ensem kelas ktorg (ikram) ajk g mkn mcd... kebetulan smlm ada r birthday fida.. so pe lg, sume pn join kcuali beberapa makhluk... so, after abes kelas sume pakat tnggu bas rapid.. erm, mmg heaven sgt ler tnggu... dkt sejam ler...

bas rapid mmg cam roller coaster r wey... dh ler jln kt palam 2 mmg bersmpg siur r, bwk lju mmg terasa.. bhahaha.... kelas rep aku si usop abes sakit belakang dye ckp.. nng bwk buku tebal cm campbell 2.. perghh...

mse kt mcd, mmg pnuh r.. tmpt dduk mmg dh xd yg kosong.. at the end, ktorg berkelah tgh kwasan lapang yg berumput... smbil mkn2 tu sume org beruap sorg2 ckp pe perasaan dok kt palam n 1 kelas ngn dak2 c9... tgh2 syok2 mkn 2, tetbe ujan rintik but then ujan 2 benti lps kelas rep aku si usop berucap.. perghh.. usop, ujan 2 takut ngn ang!!! bhahahaha... lwk seyh...

part plg lwk n psti akn diingati ada r mse ktorg nk blek... mse tu ridha ternmpk bas rapid, so dye kjr ler bas tu... so ktorang ni terpksa lari2 kjr bas rapid 2 skali weyh... bygkn, lari2 kjr bas btol2 pas abes mkn... mmg senak perut time 2, rse cm big mac yg aku mkn 2 nk terkeluar blek.... bhahaha... msuk2 dlm bas sume muka xley thn... muka semput... bhaha... bez sesgt!!

meh tgk lak gmba mse ktorg g mcd puncak alam..

heaven gler tnggu bas rapid!

see... ats rumput!! hehehe

birthday girl

bhaha.. lwk j..

love u alls

lari2 kjr bas rapid ngn perut yg penuh!!

meyra ain azreen fida
cerita x abes lg r!! hehe... mlm 2 lak ktorg rmi2 g support team ikram ngn team topek men futsal sempena Arena Asasi... even team ikram x dpt mara ke pusingan seterusnya, u've done a great job bro!! mmg smngt tol g support dorg.. yela, skali sekala g support member x salah kn... pd pndangan aku ler, skill ikram awesome! tp 2 ler, sian dye aku tgk asyk kne tuju ngn psukan lwn.. topek lak goal keeper yg gmpk!! dpt tepis sepakan penalti woo... hbt2!!!! pe ce team dye aku x pasti lak sama ada dpt ke pusingn seterusnya ke x.. btw, jom lyn gmba mse g support futsal!!! maaf gmba agk kbur, bse ler mln then pki nset j..

antara yg mai utk support

usop ngn ikram

semangat sume

sume yg trun g support termsuk player yg main futsal.. tu hah yg bju kuning ngn sebelah dye (berbju itam)

g support ikram pnyer team

ikram ngn shima...

sekian 2 j.. pepon guys, smlm ada r antara ari yg bermkna n plg best pnh aku rse sepnjg aku berada kt palam ni!!! semalam aku x berucap ngn elok sgt so dlm blog ni aku mau berucap...

"first2 aku msuk sini mmg rse x bez sgt.. yele, sblom ni asalnya dak2 utara kt kampus penang.. 1st day msuk kelas, oh yeah kelas rep aku (usop) sgt annoying (maaf usop), dak2 kelas sume agk sombong.. but then lama2 aku rse korg the bez... tmbh lg usop yg menjdi cgu aku mse dh nk exm final ritu... seriously, thnx sesgt usop!!! aku selama ni pyh sikit nk interact ngn dak2 laki but kt sini ok j.. siap ada yg jdi cgu aku lg.. hehehe... korang the the bez classmates aku stakat ni!! aku syg korang!! all the bez utk sem 2 ni!! :) "

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