Dec 31, 2011

You'll Never Walk Alone

pg td, kol 3.45 wt pertama kalinya aku tgk live game liverpool main... klo x selama ni aku tau result j.. ye le, umh aku mne ada astro... klo dpt tgk EPL pn kt umh sdare ke hape... line tenet sblom ni pn agk lembab.. so mlm td aku live streaming Liverpool FC vs Newcastle..

serius aku ckp, game LFC mlm td sgt power... ngn kembalinya captain fantastic : Steven Gerrard... awesome..  mlm td bg aku MOTM : Craig Bellamy, Steven Gerrard, Skrtel.. bellamy shot 2 gol mlm td pd minit Bellamy 29' 67'.. Gerrard lak gol pd minit Steven Gerrard 78'.. Skrtel lak telah menyelamatkn bola yg klo ikotkn mmg dh xley nk selamatln, mmg smart r Skrtel..

so meh skg tgk gmba2 game mlm td.. :)

Flying high: Craig Bellamy celebrates after scoring Liverpool's first goal

King of the Kop: Steven Gerrard celebrates after rounding off Liverpool's win with the third goal

Captain fantastic: Gerrard slots home his team's third goal

give me 5!

gerrard subtitude adam

Gerrard himself then rounds off the victory with a run to the byline, which he finishes by slipping the ball between Krul's legs from an acute position

Liverpool respond swiftly when Craig Bellamy lashes home after Charlie Adam's low cross is only half cleared

Bellamy bags his second of the night with what was either an intelligent or totally mis-placed free-kick. His effort is aimed driectly for the centre of the goal where the Newcastle keeper Tim Krul is waiting, but the movement of Andy Carroll, plus an unnecessary intervention from Danny Simpson, prevents him making an effective save. Did Bellamy anticipate such havoc? He may well have done

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