Apr 22, 2011

CSI: NY S4 Is Over??!! Damn It!!

hmpeh tol... dah le tergantung... grrr... so, skg yg tinggl juz NCIS:_Los_Angeles NCIS & Bones... x syok tol...

ok, CSI: NY S4 berakhr ngn episod Hostages : A man takes a handful of hostages during a failed attempt to rob a bank. The man demands a CSI to come in and prove he wasn't the person who fatally shot the bank manager. Mac goes inside the bank and the rest of the team works around the clock trying to unscramble the clues Mac is able to give them, but nothing is as it seems.

ble le nk smbg S5 ek? huh... nk tau pe yg wt aku bengang? dlu tym nk exam SPM, pnyer le byk rncangn2 yg BEZ2 GLER! skg dh abes SPM, hmpeh, sume dh x bez!! bnci tol...


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