Apr 18, 2011

Mara Interview Tips

Guide to MARA Scholarship Interview

What previous MARA scholars say...
Some think that the interview is just for formality’s sake. But it doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to slack during the interview. You still have to do your best; after all, you aren’t guaranteed a scholarship, yet.
About the interview
The interview will be conducted by 2 MARA officers.
Duration: 15-20 minutes Language: The interview is conducted in English
How is the interview done?
You’ll be interviewed by a panel of 2-1. So yes, it’s only you, and 2 MARA officers. Questions posed will be about MARA as well, so make sure you do enough research on MARA – what is the organization about, their objectives, their activities etc.
Common questions asked
1. Introduce yourself
2. Tell us about your hometown, co-curricular achievements
3. Why choose MARA, not JPA?
4. Anything about being a Bumiputra (especially if you are of mixed parentage, like Chinese-Bidayuh, or Indian-Kadazan)
5. Which country do you want to pursue your studies, and why?
6. Why do you choose this field to study?
7. What do you know about *the field of study chosen*? (and other questions related to your chosen course, such as the development of the field, how can you contribute to it)
8. What do you want to specialize in? (Usually for those taking medicine – For your information they WILL ask you more about your choice, so RESEARCH. A LOT)
9. How can you contribute to MARA in the future?
10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Other things you should know
- Be updated with current news/events locally and internationally. Read the newspaper daily. and understand some of the current issues.
- Organize your certificates properly
- Do plenty of research. Make sure you know MARA and your chosen course well. This is so that you come prepared!

There’s nothing wrong with practicing in front of a mirror, because it helps! You don’t want to come across as memorizing a script, do try to appear calm and relaxed (although the whole process can be nerve-wrecking!).

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